Perfect Tribute to Whitney Houston Comes From a 90-Year-Old Grandma (VIDEO)

90-year-old dancerAs the world says goodbye to beloved singer Whitney Houston today, there have been plenty of lovely remembrances of her life. From tributes via Twitter to heartfelt speeches at the funeral, we mourn the loss of a beautiful soul who was taken much too early. Among all of the touching ways Whitney is being honored, however, one stands out.

In it, 90-year-old grandmother, Jeanne, gives a tribute that speaks volumes to Whitney's impact on the world. For all the troubles in Whitney's life, this is what we should remember her for -- the power of her music to move people of all ages. Watch Jeanne dance to "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" after the jump.


You know who I wanna dance with? Jeanne! How fantastic is she?

This isn't the first time we've seen her moves. She hit the Internet hard earlier this year after her grandson posted a video of her on YouTube. Since then she's become a celebrity because ... well, how could she not? She's awesome. Making her even more awesome is this bit of information her grandson posted with the video that is unbelievable:

She is legally blind (severe macular degeneration) and like many people her age, also very hard of hearing. One of the few things that makes her happy is dancing!

She's beyond inspiring. Today of all days, this video tribute from her is much needed. Because while there is so much sadness, we should also celebrate and find joy in the amazing gifts with which Whitney left the world. While we are sad to see her go so soon, Jeanne helps us celebrate the fact that Whitney inspires people to do what Jeanne here is doing ... and always will.

Whitney surely would be honored.

Do you love this video of Jeanne? What's the best tribute you've seen to Whitney Houston?

Image via YouTube

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