Bobby Brown Abandoned Whitney Houston at Her Darkest Hour

Bobby BrownWe should have known. Bobby Brown showed up at ex-wife Whitney Houston's funeral in Newark, New Jersey, this morning with fiancee Alicia Etheridge. But then he turned around and left.

I know I shouldn't be surprised. But come on! Even a guy who has made more news over the years for not paying his child support, mixing marijuana and cocaine, and beating on women than for his music should have the common decency to give up a few hours on a Saturday to sit through the funeral of the mother of his child.


Apparently Bobby walked over to Whitney's casket and touched it before he hopped in a car with Etheridge and took off for parts unknown. The move has class A scumbag written all over it. And to make matters worse, although there were rumors that Bobby was turned away by security at the door, his own management is saying that's not true ... they're more or less admitting that he took off on his dead ex-wife and their child!

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I almost feel guilty ragging on Bobby today ... almost. Because it's so personal, I try not to make a habit of judging how people grieve. I know that I've gotten angry with members of my own family who have passed judgment on me for how I have dealt with seeing my beloved grandfather go downhill. And yet, I just can't give Bobby a pass here.

His little girl was sitting inside the New Hope Baptist Church today alone. Bobbi Kristina lost her mother. She was hospitalized last week because of the stress of all that's going on. And yet her father couldn't be bothered to buck up, act like an adult, and remind her that she's not an orphan, she's still got a parent in this world. Bobby's move says a lot about the respect he shows -- or doesn't -- for the 15 years he was married to Whitney and for the product of that marriage.

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Can you think of a good enough excuse for Bobby's decision to walk out of Whitney's funeral?


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