The Secret About Adele's Sex Tape That Any REAL Fan Would Know

Adele's Sex TapeWe've been seeing a helluva lot of Adele lately. Hey, I'm not gonna complain. I'll watch her set fire to the rain any day. It seems, though, that French tabloid Public wants us all to see, erm, a bit more, and then some. The tabloid published photos from an alleged sex tape featuring Adele and her ex-boyfriend. You know, the one that she sings about in every single one of her songs? That one. 

Not to worry: Adele has already hired a super stellar law firm over in the U.K. and is well on her way to slapping the tabloid with a lawsuit and getting all "Oh no you DIDN'T" on their behinds.

Can you even imagine how scandalous this could be? Adele, one of today's BIGGEST stars, getting down and dirty!? And there are PHOTOS?!

But really. If you're a REAL Adele fan, then the truth about this sex tape is clear.


The sex tape is a total fake, duh.

If you ask me, this is just a tabloid magazine doing what they do best -- stirring up controversy. We've seen that Adele has quite the dirty mouth on her, but in the bedroom? I highly doubt it.

If you've listened to Adele's music and heard her speak, you know very well that the 23-year-old singer isn't all about flaunting her assets. Just last week Adele told Anderson Cooper that she's so OK not being a sex icon. She said that she doesn't feel pressure to be a "skinny-mini" or wear sexual clothing. Does that sound like the same kind of woman who would feel compelled to make a sex tape? Yeah, I'm thinking that's a definite no.

Do you think the alleged sex tape is real?


Image via Public

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