Bobby Brown Is a Terrible Dad if He Doesn't Attend Whitney Houston's Funeral

Bobby BrownWhitney Houston will be laid to rest in Newark, New Jersey tomorrow, and so far, her funeral is going to have some pretty big names in attendance. Along with performances by Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder, Kevin Costner will also be speaking about the loss of his beloved co-star in The Bodyguard.

The question of whether of not Bobby Brown should attend the funeral has been a pretty hot topic over the past few days. Supposedly, Houston's family really doesn't want him there, but despite their feelings, it looks as though he will definitely be making an appearance.

And he should. Because if he doesn't attend Whitney's funeral, then he will look like a complete and total deadbeat dad. What guy wants that label attached to him?


There is speculation that the reason that Houston's family does not want Bobby Brown at her funeral is because they don't want him getting too close to her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, because they fear he will go after her inheritance. But wait a minute -- Bobbi Kristina is his child too. And even though he hasn't exactly earned himself the reputation of being an angel, we'd like to at least hope that he will be there tomorrow to support and console her for all of the right reasons instead of simply seeing dollar signs in his head.

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Bobby and Whitney definitely didn't have a good relationship, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't love Bobbi Kristina. Granted, he should have rushed to her side immediately upon hearing about Whitney's death instead of playing a scheduled concert -- but that lapse in judgement doesn't necessarily indicate that he doesn't care about her.

Brown has a real chance to be there for his child at a time in her life when she has never needed more support. Doing anything other than making the trip to New Jersey for the funeral would make him the worst parent on the planet. And for Bobbi Kristina's sake, let's hope he doesn't turn out to be just that.

Do you think that Bobby Brown truly cares about supporting his daughter?


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