Whitney Houston's Funeral: Should Bobby Brown Be There?

Even in death, Whitney Houston is sadly plagued by drama. Right after Bill O'Reilly publicly called Houston out for causing her own demise, it seems that the details of her funeral are causing all kinds of talk, from the question of whether or not it's appropriate for the family to stream the event live to the Internet to the mixed reports of whether or not her ex-husband Bobby Brown will attend the service.

At least one report claims that Houston's family doesn't want Bobby Brown at the funeral, and in fact has warned him to stay away. This is perhaps not surprising news, considering the onetime couple's troubled past—but naturally there's already more to the story ... whatever the true story may be.


TMZ has been reporting that Houston's family is trying to block Brown from getting close to his daughter, Bobbi Kristina. Although Brown flew to LA to be at his daughter's side, relatives allegedly believe he's only doing so to try and get to Houston's estate, which is estimated to be around $20 million.

So there's that rumor, along with reports that the tension between Brown and Houston's family has resulted in him being
banned from the funeral. There's no way to say what's really going on, of course, but I personally kind of doubt he really won't make an appearance at New Jersey's New Hope Baptist Church on Saturday. It's a private event, and I suppose the family could keep him away if they really wanted to—but there's his daughter to consider.

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While most people think of the drug abuse and domestic violence scandals in Houston and Brown's 15-year relationship, they did have a daughter together. Bobbi Kristina is just 18, and clearly struggling since her mother's death (she was briefly hospitalized for stress and anxiety). It seems to me that if she wants her dad at the funeral, that's where he'll be, regardless of how the rest of the family feels.

As for Brown himself, he's wisely keeping out of the he-said she-said game, with his rep issuing the following statement:

Any report or statement that does not originate from my office about Bobby Brown or his representatives, is not authorized by Bobby Brown. We are not focused on reports, stories or false reports for that matter.

Brown is currently scheduled to perform with New Edition in Connecticut at 8 p.m. on Saturday, which some are taking as proof he won't be at the funeral earlier in the day. My guess is that he'll do both—he certainly had no qualms about going on stage hours after Houston's death, crying his way through a nearly five-hour show while blowing kisses to the skies and shouting, “I love you, Whitney!”

(Odd choice, in my book, but hey: everyone grieves differently.)

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Whatever the ultimate decision is regarding Brown and the funeral, I hope the family can pull together for Bobbi Kristina's sake. I can't imagine what she's going through right now, and it seems like dealing with more family upset is the last thing she needs.

What do you think, will Bobby Brown be at the funeral? Do you think he should respect the family's wishes if they ask him not to attend?

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