Angelina Jolie Cries in Public & Shows She's Not Dead Inside

Angelina JolieDo you ever look at Angelina Jolie and wonder if she's real? Like, question if she's got blood and guts and organs and all of that other icky human stuff floating around inside of her instead of, like, wires, a switchboard, and a USB port? Well, I have something that can put your cynicism to rest: A few days ago, she cried. In public. Not on a movie set.


The tears came while she took to the stage during the Bosnian premiere of her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey. After receiving a standing ovation from the crowd, she couldn't control her emotions, and the water works started flowing. Before the screening of the film, she shakily said to the crowd: "It means so much to all of us, it means so much to me and I can't tell you how much it means to be here with all of you and to share this film and that you're receiving it so warmly means the world to me. I care so deeply for all of you in this country."

I'm a little shocked. The actress is normally completely icy and stoic, if not totally dead inside. You never see emotion out of her. Not on the red carpet, not in paparazzi pics, and not in interviews. It's nice to see that, after all, she is a human being as opposed to a walking, talking fembot who may or may not have the ability to spray potentially life-threatening gasses and/or bullets out of her boobs. It makes me feel safe.

Did you secretly think Angelina Jolie was a robot?


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