Kate Middleton's Valentine's Day Gift for William May Have Crossed the Line

kate middleton valentine's dayKate Middleton's every move is documented by the press, so why shouldn't we already know what the woman gave her new hubby for Valentine's Day? News hit this a.m. that the Duchess of Cambridge sent her royal love, who is serving in the Royal Air Force in the Falkland Islands, something "risque!" Ooooh ... the mind and the pulse race just wondering what the heck kind of "risque" gift royals could have been caught exchanging. I must admit, it is very interest-piquing!

Okay, okay, I'll come out with it. She sent him Ralph Lauren black boxer briefs. They reportedly cost $40 and were black stretch cotton, jersey knit, size medium, and a "store insider" dished, "Kate knew what she wanted when she came in and went for the boxed trunks that give a very nice fit." Saucy!

But it certainly begs the question: Did she overstep her bounds as wifey?


You have to admit ... purchasing underwear for your man is a touchy topic. It's something his mother probably did for YEARS ... maybe still does!! And even though it feels like an errand/task/chore that should be transferred from mommy to wife, sometimes there's some weird static overlap there.

No woman wants their guy to think she's babying him or coddling him in a mommy-ish way. That's so not hot! And it can be weird for a guy to see his wife doing something his mom did for him when he was still living at home. Or maybe he just doesn't really want his significant other fretting over boxers vs. boxer briefs, Hanes vs. Fruit of the Loom vs. Calvin Klein? You know there are some men who are totally weird about their clothes and want to simply go it alone in that department ...

Guess it's something that's very individual to a couple's preferences. As for Kate and Wills, I think it's totally acceptable/hot/awesome that Kate bought her DH those RL briefs. After all, she is the only woman in the world who has that privilege -- so she might as well work it!

How do you feel about buying your man undies?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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