Randy Travis Arrest Video Will Make You Laugh -- Shame on You! (VIDEO)

Randy Travis may be famous for his country songs, but right now it's his arrest that is pulling him to the top of the news. A dashboard video shows the country crooner getting arrested last week while sitting in his car, not driving, but drunk. It's pretty funny. But it's also sad for Travis.

Truth be told, in the world of hilarious arrest videos, this one is not insane. Sure, Travis curses and seems almost angry that he would be arrested for public intoxication; after all, he was "not driving" as he told the officers.

He's all, "Really? Are you kidding me?" And funny as it is, he WAS publicly drunk (and admittedly so), so he kind of needs to realize he isn't above the law. See below:


The fact is, celebrities get arrested for these kinds of things all the time and somehow they always seem so shocked by it. As if celebrity alone were some kind of insurance against the law.

Randy Travis wasn't such a jerk on the video that I think he deserves to be thrown in jail. If anything, he just seemed vaguely sleepy and annoyed that the cops interrupted his nap. I would also be remiss if I didn't mention that the few times I have had run-ins with the law (for speeding), I was rather belligerent myself and I was neither drunk nor a celebrity. Of course, I wasn't even arrested, just ticketed.

Getting arrested has to be a pretty bad experience. The cops were right to take Travis in even though he wasn't driving. Had they not, might he have started the car in which he was sitting and hurt himself or someone else? We may never know. And thank goodness for that, too.

Travis, for his part, sobered up and realized the errors of his ways. He issued a statement saying, "I'm committed to being responsible and accountable, and apologize for my actions." Good for him. Truly, I feel bad for the dude. He doesn't seem like someone who deserves this and is generally a likable guy.

In the end, he probably learned from this. Let's hope anyway.

Do you find this video funny?


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