'Glee' Recap: Santana & Brittany's Lesbian Love vs. the God Squad!

santana brittany glee kissIf this Valentine's Day had you wondering at any point, "Where is the love?", I have the answer for you. It was on Glee. This week's episode, simply and aptly entitled "Heart," was busting at the seams with LOVE -- in all of its various forms: Serious teen love (Finchel), love for a higher power (the "God Squad"), complicated love (see: Mercedes' beautiful cover of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" to Sam), fatherly love (Rachel's gay dads, played by Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell), unrequited love (Sugar and Artie vs. Rory and Karofsky and Kurt), and of course, lesbian love -- Santana and Brittany.

While there were tons of cheery and teary moments in this week's ep, Santana and Brittany's coming out party was by far one of the most memorable.


The girlfriends -- as in, not just girls who are friends, but "girlfriend girlfriends" -- were excited to celebrate Valentine's Day together. Being as head over heels for one another as their straight show choir couple counterparts, they figured it would be no big deal to smooch in the hallways of McKinley High or for Santana to ask the God Squad to deliver Brittany a mushy singing telegram. Unfortunately, both proved to be more challenging than one would hope.

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Their first attempt at a public kiss was cut short by Principal Figgins who said it wasn't that he was against same-sex smooching, but that he was trying to crack down on PDAs in general. Uh huh, suuuure. A skeptical Santana pointed out that PDA-lovin' Finchel had never been called in for their gratuitous lip-locking. Figgins confessed he had complaints from conservative kids who were uncomfortable with Santana and Brit's coupling. Ugh, boooo!

But how totally awesome was it to see Santana stand up to Figgins and call him out on his hypocrisy? It got even better when Santana requested that the "God Squad" -- Mercedes' religious group consisting of Sam, Quinn, and new guy "Teen Jesus" Joe Hart -- sing Brit a singing telegram for V-Day. Mercedes said the group had to come to a consensus on whether or not they were comfortable serenading a lesbian couple, and the debate was seriously an awesome, accurate reflection of real-life arguments going on in Congress and around the country. It was totally brave, bold, and awesome to bring that reality into Glee.

Thankfully, in the end, the God Squad was in agreement that the Bible never said anything about discriminating against gay people. Even new guy, Joe Hart, who may have initially been uncomfortable with the idea, concluded that "love is love!" While everyone enjoyed Sugar Motta's V-Day party at Breadsticks -- during which she renamed the hangout "The Sugar Shack" -- the God Squad gave Santana and Brittany what they had been waiting for: A mash-up serenade of "Cherish/Cherish" (by The Association and Madonna) and the opportunity to finally, happily get their kiss on in public!! Whoohoo!! LOVE it!

What was your favorite storyline on last night's Glee? Did you think it was brave of the writers to work in the current political/religious climate surrounding same-sex love?


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