Kate Middleton Gives Little Girl the Ultimate Style Compliment

kate middletonI would die if I ever met Kate Middleton. She may not be the Queen of England yet, but she's certainly my queen. And if I ever met Kate Middleton and she complimented me on something I was wearing, well, I would die, come back to life, then kill myself all over again because it would simply be too much to handle. That happened, though. Not to me, obviously. I wouldn't be typing this, I would be dead. It happened to an adorable little girl named Aimee who was rocking a killer gray and white fur coat.


Class act that she is, Duchess Catherine spent the day yesterday -- Valentine's Day -- visiting various charities by her lonesome. She stopped by the Brink, an alcohol-free bar associated with Action on Addiction, as well as Alder Hey Hospital, where she devoted time to some of the seriously ill children and their families. Also, it's where she met the incredibly inspirational, mini-fashionista, Aimee Haswell.

Aimee was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a rare type of congenital heart disease, when she was just 9 days old. She's doing well, thanks to the team at Alder Hey, and clearly, she loves herself some fashion. So, obviously, Aimee was over the moon when the Duchess told her that she liked her jacket, because a real life princess told her that she liked her jacket!

For a little girl (and a 32-year-old woman), does it get any better than this? I mean, really. This is like Obama telling some sanctimonious political blogger that he likes his muckraker theories. Or Mario Batali asking a culinary student for help with a recipe. It's the queen of style complimenting someone on her style! It's the be all, end all of ... everything. It's amazing. But most of all, it's incredibly sweet and unbelievably adorable.

How classy is that Kate Middleton?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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