If Chris Brown Is Sherri Shepherd's Idea of 'Role Model,' Who Needs One? (VIDEO)

sherri shepherdThere's been an unsettling amount of love for Chris Brown lately. First, there were his two Grammy performances; then there was his actual Grammy; and now there's Sherri Shepherd. The View host isn't just jumping on the pro-Brown bandwagon, she's going as far as to call him a role model. Yep. That's what it's come to: We're now not only handing out gold trophies to men who beat the shit out of their girlfriends, we're calling them role models, too.


During yesterday's show, Shepherd established herself as a card-carrying Team Brown member, saying that he ought to be considered a role model for owning up to what he did and working toward becoming a better person. She also mentions that she always thought he deserved another chance after what he did to Rihanna -- and the audience cheered in agreement. What is happening here?

Of course it's a good thing that Chris did what was asked of him and has supposedly attempted to right himself, but I really don't think he should ever be referred to as a role model. At this point, he isn't somebody to look up to. What he did is inexcusable and unforgettable. And who's to say he won't do it again? (On the three-year anniversary of the "incident," he did tweet a photo of his middle finger. Just sayin'.) If 20 years down the line, Chris hasn't laid a finger on another woman, and he's become some sort of counselor and/or advocate against domestic violence, then maybe he can be called a role model -- because obviously he turned his life around and helped others. But until then, I don't think he should be called much. And I definitely don't think he should automatically receive this bizarre entry back into music industry's elite. That only warps his sense of reality even more.

Check out what Sherri has to say:

Do you think Chris Brown is a role model?


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