'Game of Thrones' Valentine's Day Cards Will WIN His Heart

game of thrones valentineOkay, all you Valentine's Day slackers out there! Here's hoping the object of your affection is a Game of Thrones fan, because if he is? You're totally in luck: The most amazing valentine cards I've ever seen are just a click away. (Oh, and if he's not? Why on earth are you with that loser? Dump him immediately!)

Anyway, if Hallmark existed during medieval times, I imagine greeting cards would have looked something like these awesome print-out valentines by genius illustrator Chris Bishop.

Bear in mind, romance was a bit different back then ...




For example: Nowadays we frown upon incest ... but, well:

game of thrones valentine

And there's an entire category of niche dating we don't have to deal with anymore, thankfully  ...

game of thrones valentine

Don't forget about the oldest profession in the world!

game of thrones valentine

And if none of these are quite right for your special someone, there are many more delightful designs on Chris Bishop's website available to download.

Do you have a Game of Thrones valentine who would DIE for these cards?


Image via ChrisBishop.com

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