'Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter' Might Make You Forget About Edward & Jacob (VIDEO)

abraham lincoln vampire hunterI must admit, I wasn't too excited about Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter at first. I mean, I'll watch just about anything vampire-related and I love the concept of the movie (the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith falls into the same clever category as books including Android Karenina and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies). But ... well, how to put this delicately?

Abraham Lincoln was known for having many admirable qualities, but smokin' hotness was definitely not one of them.

So, in short, I never even considered the possibility that this upcoming fang-fest would offer much in the way of RPattz/Alexander Skarsgard-level eye candy.

Guess what? I was wrong!


So, here's the thing: It's kind of hard to see just how hot Benjamin Walker (Honest Abe in the movie) and his co-stars are in the trailer -- though I will say the trailer is pretty amazing nonetheless. Oh, did I mention Tim Burton produced and Timur Bekmambetov (The Wanted, Night Watch) directed the film?

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Anyway, I'm fairly certain the real-life Lincoln never looked as good as Benjamin Walker (who happens to be Meryl Streep's son-in-law). And he only wears the "older Abe" makeup for a few minutes in the movie. Meanwhile, Dominic Cooper (Captain America) as Lincoln's mysterious mentor Henry Sturgess and Rufus Sewell (The Holiday) as leader of a decidedly non-sparkly vampire clan?

The Twilight boys just might have some serious competition.

Sadly the movie won't be released until this summer, but you can check out the trailer for now:

Are you psyched to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter?

Image via TrailersAddicted/YouTube

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