Bon Iver Did NOT Win 'Best New Artist' for Being an Adorable Cartoon Bear (VIDEOS)

bonnie bearWho is Bon Iver? No, not Bahn Eye-vur, Bone Ee-vair. That's right. Bone Ee-vair. Not sure? Don't worry if you can't answer the question: The indie band's Best New Artist win at the Grammys stumped non-hipster audiences everywhere, who took to the Internet en masse to find out just who exactly this Bunny Fair dude is, anyway.

Except apparently the majority of confused/hearing impaired Grammy viewers searched for the name "Bonnie Bear."

Naturally, they didn't find anything about Bon Iver's haunting, "amorphous" sound or Wisconsin roots or past soundtrack contributions.

Instead, they found a lovable cartoon bear in pink overalls.

Yup, you guessed it ...


There is indeed a Bonnie Bear, and she's about the furthest thing from soulful, anguished Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon you can imagine. And not just because Bonnie Bear wears a little helicopter cap and flies through the air

Bonnie Bear and Bon Iver have very, very different agendas. Even if you've never heard of either one, I bet you'll have no problem figuring out who said what:

"My magic paintbrush is ready, too!"

"Bones blood and teeth erode, they will be crashing low."


"Up with your turret, aren't we just terrified?"

"I think it's a tractor!"

See what I mean? Not so much in common. Still, that hasn't stopped cheeky (or braindead, not sure which) commenters from leaving "Congrats on your Grammy" messages under Bonnie Bear videos on YouTube.

All I know is this: Justin Vernon should totally start wearing a little helicopter cap onstage.

Compare and contrast ... Bonnie Bear:

and Bon Iver:

Which do you prefer?


Image via BabyFirstTV/YouTube

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