Rumors of a Sixth 'Twilight' Film Should Make Fans Angry

bella edward in eclipseThroughout 2012, Twilight fans will greatly anticipate Breaking Dawn: Part 2, due out in November. Like many last installments in a beloved series, the flick's poised to be one of the most successful of ALL TIME. But maybe Twi-Hards don't have to sweat bullets about it being their last chance to revel in Bella and Edward's world ...

Last week, Lionsgate co-chair Rob Friedman revealed that if Meyer wants to write another Twilight installment, the studio—which recently bought Summit—will "be there to support her." Uh, duh?! That would only translate to more mega-bucks galore for the studio!! But it doesn't seem like Meyer is on board as Lionsgate or the fans may wish she was. At least not when it comes to vampire romances.


The author told E! recently:

There's pieces of their stories written ... who knows? I'm not going to say no. Right now, I really don't have much drive towards vampires.

And director Bill Condon said:

It's the end of the Edward-Bella love story, that's what [Stephenie] had said earlier. But there are so many characters that I'm sure—well I'm not sure, but I suspect—that she'll want to revisit at some point.

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In other words, if they're going to do a sixth film with a new story from Meyer, it will likely be a spinoff-type deal. Perhaps it would center on Jacob or another character from the series? Ehhhh ... not sure that's going to captivate audiences the way Bella and Edward have these last few years. Let's face it: A flick sans Rob Pattinson just won't be the answer to Twi-Hards' prayers.

Thus, it probably makes sense for fans to just be happy with whatever Breaking Dawn: Part 2 brings and then let sleeping dogs lie and move on! In the long run, it'll be what does the series the most justice. Sure, it'll be interesting to see what else Meyer has to offer next, but expecting a worthwhile sixth installment of Twilight is only setting yourself up for direct-to-DVD disappointment.

Would you want to see a sixth part in the Twilight series that doesn't include Bella and Edward? What can you imagine happening in that storyline? 


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