Hugh Hefner’s Son Arrested on Suspicion of Shocking Fight With Playboy Playmate

Marston Hefner & Claire Sinclair
Marston Hefner, son of Playboy mogul Hugh, has had a good life. He has a good life. He's rich; he's spent the better part of his youth surrounded by unbelievably hot women; and he's dating Playmate of the Year, Claire Sinclair. Where is all his anger coming from?

Last night, 21-year-old Marston was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend at the home the two share. According to Sinclair, during an argument, Marston punched her, kicked her in the stomach, then refused to let her leave the house. The police showed up after one of Sinclair's family members called 911.

If this is true, geez, it's depressing. What could have prompted such awful behavior?


Apparently earlier on in the night, Sinclair retweeted a photo of herself, Hef, and a few other playmates at a Grammy-themed fundraiser at the Playboy mansion along with the message: "Had so much fun with you guys xoxoRT @hughhefner." Marston wasn't in the photo -- was he not at the party? Did his alleged violence have something to do with that? What the hell?

Although spending the better part of one's youth surrounded by unbelievably hot women has its obvious perks for a young boy, it clearly has its downfalls, too. Watching women -- hot, unscrupulous women -- parade around half-nude 24:7 (and marry a man three times their age) has to give you a seriously warped sense of females and the role they play in your life. I can't imagine that a boy who grew up in such an environment has the utmost of respect for the fairer sex after seeing them objectified his entire life.

That said, there's NEVER an excuse for domestic violence -- no matter what environment you grew up in. That should be one thing that's pretty cut and dried. 

Do you think Marston Hefner has a warped sense of women?


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