Whitney Houston's Daughter Has the Right to Break Down

Bobbi Kristina BrownWhitney Houston had one daughter with former husband Bobby Brown and Bobbi Kristina Brown was the light of her mother's life. Whitney's only child is said to be suffering the loss greatly and was rushed to the hospital after she had a "complete mental breakdown," according to People. And really, who could blame her?

The news that legend and pop icon Houston died yesterday at the age of 48 has reverberated through the music world like a shock wave. But for those who were closest to her, her sudden death -- at a time when she was thought to be back on a good path -- has been a complete shock.

Bobbi Kristina, who was at the hotel with her mother, but not in the room, is now left motherless at just 18. She and her mother were reportedly incredibly close, but she has also had a tough time nursing her mother through her addictions.


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According to US Weekly's Senior Editor Ian Drew: "Bobbi Kristina basically grew up her mother's caretaker." It is a sad, but true story about the children of addicted parents. They are really the adults in many cases. Now, Bobbi Kristina, who also aspired to be a singer and idolized her mother, has to find her own way in the world.

Certainly, this is a tragedy for the music world. But for her family, this is something else. It is something they had to watch for years as the mother, daughter and cousin they loved slipped deeper and deeper into addiction.

For those who are blaming Whitney for her troubles -- and there are many -- it may be hard to understand the "choices" that she made. But an addict's choices are very infrequently their own. They are often at the mercy of their drugs of choice.

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Houston was likely not the cliched perfect mother. It would be hard to be that and also be in and out of rehab and in such a volatile marriage. But no one has any doubt that she adored her only child. As the daughter of someone who also died around the same age when I was around the same age, I feel for Bobbi Kristina.

The road ahead of her is very long and she will never stop missing her mom. For her, the world's tragedy is actually deeply personal and if she needs to go to the hospital and find a way to deal with this, then it makes perfect sense.

My heart breaks for what she has ahead.

Do you think Whitney was a good mom?


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