Jennifer Hudson's Tribute to Whitney Houston Will Break Your Heart (VIDEO)

Jennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson will honor the legendary Whitney Houston during tonight's Grammy Awards ceremony. Houston, who was found dead last night at the Beverly Hills Hilton, had a talent that was unsurpassed in the music industry, but in recent years, Hudson has seemed the heir apparent. If there is a more perfect person to honor Houston, it is hard to imagine.

Though, the song Hudson will sing has yet to be revealed, my guess is "I Will Always Love You." It is a perfect choice and one Hudson performed in front of Whitney herself to Houston's great pleasure. See below:


Houston was famous for her ballads, but of all the songs Whitney Houston sang, "I Will Always Love You" is arguably the one she is best known for.

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It showcased her vocal talent in a way no other song before had. And now, just one day after the iconic singer's death, a singer of nearly equal talent will honor her at the Grammys. It kind of sends chills down the spine, doesn't it?

Houston's influence on the music industry can't be denied. It was her beauty and poise and gregarious nature that made her appealing as a person, but it was her stunning voice -- "Houston's pure its peak could not only hit a note and gracefully sustain it, but inject it with just enough flair and nuance to reinforce her control without pressing the point," according to Randall Roberts at the LA Times -- that made her a legend.

In her wake come a slew of new stars, including Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, both of whom came very close to matching Houston's talent. But Hudson is perhaps the most perfect choice to sing in her honor. Judging from this video, Houston would have chosen Hudson, too. The two seemed to have a deep mutual respect that is palpable.

Though it may seem inappropriate in some odd way, the show must go on. There is no better way to honor the passing of such a legend by gathering all of music's greats together to sing her songs and talk about the myriad of ways she influenced the industry and changed the face of music.

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She will be missed, but her influence will be there. And when Hudson takes the stage, I have no doubt that there won't be a dry eye in the house.

Do you think Hudson is a good pick to sing the tribute?



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