First Blue Ivy Carter Photos Released in Super Classy Way (PHOTO)

Beyonce and Jay-Z are already proving they are loving parents (and good celebrities). Rather than making a gazillion dollars cashing in on their baby daughter's birth, Beyonce and husband Jay-Z decided to release the photos of their new daughter Blue Ivy, just 1-month-old, in their own way -- on a Tumblr account.

It's a highly unusual move that may become a new trend for celebrities who are typically very private until they release a photo spread in People or Us Magazine or some similar move. These photos seem intimate and private and also included a message for fans.

See photo below:





Isn't that photo just gorgeous? Can't you see her new mom glow? The five photos came with the message:

We welcome you to share our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives.

Awww....Can't any mom relate? I know in those early weeks with my daughter, all I wanted was to cocoon alone in my house with her, my husband and the occasional well-loved visitor. I certainly would not have wanted the prying eyes of a million curious fans (if I had any) and Jay-Z and Beyonce have proven with this that they are going to be good parents.

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They gave the public a little taste of what we wanted. The photos are absolutely lovely. A beaming Beyonce (with nails painted blue in honor of her daughter) is holding her gorgeous baby in soft, perfect lighting.

There is another photo of Jay-Z looking relaxed and protective while their new baby sleeps on his chest. They are intimate and private and oh-so-very beautiful. This is just as new baby photos should be, no?

Though Jay-Z and Beyonce are not the first couple to go this route -- posting the first baby photos on a public website for free -- they are certainly smart to do so. Last year Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon introduced their twin babies the same way.

Beyonce's five photos give the public just enough to end the curiosity and also respectfully ask for privacy. It is a classy move and one we can all respect. So, kudos to them for being awesome parents already and thanks for letting us share your joy.

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One-month-old Blue Ivy is beyond adorable.

Do you think this was a smart way to release the photos?


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