Sneak Peek at Bella as a Vampire in 'Breaking Dawn, Part 2'

breaking dawn Listen up, Twi-Hards! Huge Breaking Dawn, Part 2 news! And I don't care what your plans are for Friday, February 10th, they're getting cancelled. Ix-nay your an-plays, got it? You've got somewhere to be at midnight, and that place is Target.

No, seriously! Come back! Because just before midnight, participating Target stores across the country will be screening never-before-seen footage from Breaking Dawn, Part 2 ... featuring ... BELLA AS A VAMPIRE!!!

Our first look at the undead Bella Swan!! (Well, you know, besides that split-second shot of her eye opening at the end of Breaking Dawn, Part 1.)

And then the Breaking Dawn, Part 1 DVD goes on sale!

AND it gets even better!!


If you're lucky enough to live near one of those fabulous participating Target stores, when you buy the DVD, you'll get what sounds like basically the most amazing souvenir ever:

"An authentic flower from the set of Bella's and Edward’s wedding scene encased in a collectible lucite keepsake."

See, I knew you'd want to cancel your plans!

Click here to find out if there's a participating Target near you. If there's not, you can always console yourself by entering our Breaking Dawn DVD giveaway!

Are you going to Target February 10th at midnight?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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