Madonna & Halle Berry Terrorized by ‘Psychotic’ Stalker on the Loose

On a scale of NBD to OMFG, how freaked out would you be if your longtime psychotic stalker had just escaped from a mental hospital? I'm guessing Madonna is frantically beefing up her security right this minute, because it turns out that Robert Dewey Hoskins, who once spent 10 years in prison for threatening to kill her, has managed to slip away from his Los Angeles-area mental health facility.

Yeah, I think I'd be pretty worried if I were her—after all, this is the guy who once threatened to "slice her throat from ear to ear" if she didn't marry him. Unfortunately, other celebrities may have cause for concern as well, because Hoskins is reportedly obsessed with Halle Berry now.

The worst part? The guy is considered an extremely dangerous threat, and reportedly always travels with a knife and a gun. Um, holy shit.


It's not clear how Hoskins managed to escape from the Norwalk, California Metropolitan State Hospital last week, but the LAPD is warning the public to stay away from him. Police describe Robert Dewey Hoskins, 54, as "highly psychotic” with "very violent tendencies," and that he shouldn't be approached for any reason:

The public is being warned to notify police immediately if he is found, and to not engage him on their own.

Hoskins was originally arrested in 1995 for stalking and terrorizing Madonna—he claimed that she was his wife, and threatened to kill her and her and her bodyguards. He actually went so far as to climb the walls of Madonna’s house and attempt to steal a gun from her security guard, who then shot Hoskins in self defense.

He went on to serve a
10-year prison sentence for those charges before he had an additional run-in with police that resulted in him being sent to a psychiatric hospital near Los Angeles. Now, however, he's on the loose—and Halle Berry is reportedly frightened that she's his next target. She's been asking for court approval to move to France with her 3-year-old daughter, Nahla, and that an "increased number of death threats" is her reason for wanting to do so.

Everything about this guy just sounds scary as hell, doesn't it? I mean, he's clearly dealing with some sort of mental illness that impairs his ability to behave rationally, but without medication and supervision, it definitely seems like he's a legitimate threat. For everyone's safety, I hope he's found soon ... because I'm sure
his victims won't sleep easy at night until he is.

Did you have any idea Madonna had such a freaky stalker?

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