Clearly, Macaulay Culkin Is Not 'Perfectly Fine'

macaulay culkin
Macaulay Culkin in healthier times
I'm not gonna lie; the pics of a severely gaunt Macaulay Culkin making waves on the interwebs right now are a bit disturbing. Like if your grandma saw Culkin walking down the street looking like this, she'd make that shocked Home Alone face with her hands on her cheeks ... then she'd tackle him, tie him to a chair, and force feed him until he put on a few pounds. You're nothin' but skin and bones! What, your mother never feeds you?

Of course Culkin's rep insists the 31-year-old actor is "perfectly fine." I hope that's true, for Culkin's sake -- poor guy's already been through enough (legal battles with his own parents, the whole Michael Jackson thing, divorce from his childhood sweetheart, the sudden death of his sister).

But I'm worried, personally. He sure doesn't look fine ...


Look, I'm not even jumping to the most obvious conclusion -- though Culkin has been arrested for possession of controlled substances in the past, so of course drugs are a possibility. But he could have a serious illness -- honestly, he looks more sick than strung out to me. Then there's the less-likely but still plausible theory that he's drastically altering his appearance for a role.

The point is, whatever the cause, Culkin is clearly not in good health. And that's a shame. He's young and talented -- we've barely gotten a glimpse of what this guy can do. I hope he gets well sooner rather than later ... he deserves a long stretch of trauma-free time to really develop and come into his own creatively. I'm sure he'll do great things given the chance.

Do you think Macaulay Culkin looks sick?


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