Chelsea Handler Opens Up to Rosie O'Donnell in Amazingly Brave Way (VIDEO)

chelsea handler rosie o'donnellAnyone who's ever written off Chelsea Handler as just another "bad girl" really needs to watch the comedienne's recent chat with Rosie O'Donnell. So what if she has a mouth like a truck driver and isn't afraid to write or talk about things that would make Howard Stern blush? (As if those were bad traits.)

Not only is Handler more honest than the average celebrity, she's more honest than the average human being. She's candid enough to share experiences and feelings with the world that most people have a hard time sharing with friends and family.

And she's brave enough to stand strong against the inevitable backlash to follow ...


Because you know what? Forget about the people who don't want to hear what Chelsea Handler has to say -- some people NEED to hear it! I've never heard anybody talk about her teenage pregnancy and abortion in such a straightforward, non-apologetic way, which is exactly how these things need to be spoken about. I can't imagine how many grateful girls and women were watching.

Likewise, I've rarely heard anybody talk about losing loved ones with such heartbreaking sincerity. Handler's older brother died in an accident when she was 10; she watched her mother's painful passing years later. Telling Rosie the stories, she didn't bother trying to hold back tears or censor difficult details. And having lost several loved ones myself, I just adore her for that.

Check out the clip below if you missed the interview ... whether you're a Chelsea Handler fan or not. (You will be.)

Did you watch this interview? Are you a Chelsea Handler fan?


Image via OWN/Flickr

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