Kris Jenner's Pleasure Oil Gig Is TMI -– Even for a Kardashian

kris jennerKris Jenner recently inked herself another Kardashian deal. Well, sort of. She inked herself a deal -- so I guess, technically, she inked a Jenner deal. Whatever, doesn't matter, either way, it's more money in her pocket.

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe's mom/momager recently signed on to be the new spokesperson for "Zestra Essential Arousal Oils" -- a topically-applied product that supposedly enhances women's pleasure. That's right, Mama Jenner is going to be hawking sexy time lube.



In a totally converstaional, super nonchalant, un-PR statement, Kris said, "I was thrilled to discover Zestra, especially because it's safe, natural and clinically proven to increase sexual satisfaction. It really works…and it's so easy to use…so great sex IS effortless."

Awesome, Kris. Sounds great. But despite your obvious genuine enthusiasm about this product, I need to ask: Nihilo sanc­tum estne?

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Is nothing sacred?! I love you, but is this really what it's come to? Sex gel? I'm all for embracing your sexuality, but what about, you know, embarassing your daughters? And I'm not just talking about Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney; I'm talking about Kylie and Kendall, too. You know, the ones who are in high school.

I know the Kardashians are a unique family in that they're kind of no holds barred and completely open -- they say whatever comes to mind, no matter how raunchy, whenever -- and that's great. I love that! But, does anyone really want to see their mother talking about essential arousal oils? To the world?

What do you think of Kris Jenner's new endorsement deal? Do you think her daughters will be embarassed? Would you?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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