Khloe Kardashian Is Lying to Herself About Infertility

Khloe KardashianKhloe Kardashian is the favorite sister of many for a lot of reasons, but primarily because she's so honest and so relatable. She may a Kardashian, but she doesn't live in a fairytale, and she doesn't try to make us believe she does ... until it comes to her struggles with infertility.

She recently made some comments that sound so positive and just like what any good friend would tell her to boost her spirits. But they also don't ring especially true. She told People recently that she's relieved she's hasn't gotten pregnant yet.


... looking back, I think everything happens for a reason. I think, 'Gosh, what if I did get pregnant last season or a few months ago?' Or what if I had a newborn baby and all this [NBA] trade stuff happened? I don't think I could have dealt with everything at one time. Doing this trade and my husband's emotions and going through all that is so stressful.

I hope she truly embraces that positive attitude, but I have my doubts. I don't blame her though.

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As someone who went through years upon years of infertility and heartbreak, it sounds exactly like the kind of things I used to tell myself. But the truth was I didn't believe any of it. All I wanted was a baby, and I didn't think there was any reason good enough that I shouldn't have one while the whole world seemingly did.

The thing is you have to really lie to yourself when you're going through infertility and try to believe things like this, otherwise you'll go mad. So you put on a happy face, say things like you're glad you didn't get pregnant when you thought you wanted to, and that you know it will happen when the time is right, and try to convince yourself it's true. But it isn't.

That doesn't mean you can't admit that it's hard as hell too, but focusing on the positive as much as possible helps. Sinking in grief and disappointment doesn't help anyone.

Khloe admits she hopes it happens soon. She told the magazine "Maybe Dallas will bring a baby. We're definitely trying to have kids. Everything will happen when it's meant to be." She said documenting every ovulation and cycle was too stressful, so they've stopped. "Lamar and I definitely are letting nature take its course." And if that course leads to a sex swing -- as previews for the upcoming season of premiere of Khloe & Lamar promise -- then so be it.

Khloe is strong, and while there may be pain behind her positive attitude, she serves as an inspiration to others going through infertility. It's a dark place to be, but  that kind of hope and acceptance are often the only things that can help women facing it.

Does Khloe Kardashian's attitude about infertility inspire you? Do you think there's pain behind her words though?

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