Kim Kardashian Should Embrace a Televised Divorce

Kim KardashianJust when it looked like Kim Kardashian could walk away from her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries with nothing more than a little damaged image (nothing Kris Jenner couldn't fix eventually), The Hump has come out swinging. He wants to expose her and reality television in general for what he says they are -- a fraud.

According to Radar Online, The Hump's attorney wants to question Kim, Kris Jenner, and E! specifically about the Kourtney & Kim Take New York scene in Dubai where Kim broke down to her mom about her marriage. Humphries claims that was filmed two months after the breakup of their marriage, and that right there proves it was all a fraud. To make his case about this and other allegations, he wants to televise the divorce proceedings and show the world his great expose.


Kim wants nothing to do with a televised divorce; instead a source told the site that she wants things to be "private, confidential, and legally binding." But she should reconsider, because it's really in her best interest if she agrees to airing it all on TV.

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First of all, she looks guilty as hell if she fights it. Yes, I'm sure it's emotional, and she just wants to move on, but for so long she has given us her life on platter -- from butt x-ray to psoriasis to romance. Why start hiding now ... unless there's something to hide?

And if there is something to hide, we'd be a lot more sympathetic if she let us come along for the ride. I think fans would understand if she told us flat out, yes, that scene was filmed months after the fact. It's because we needed it to illustrate the point and we didn't capture it correctly when it really did happen. Or whatever. The courts might not be understanding, but fans can't be either if she doesn't give us something to understand.

Even if it was all a big ploy for publicity, and she never intended to stay married to Kris Humphries, many would likely stand by her. People make mistakes, and he is the one who proposed after all. We might be a little pissed at first that we were duped, but most of us suspect we were anyway, and we still like her. If she broke down and confessed on national television, she'd win sympathy points too.

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If she has nothing to hide, then even better. Really, there's no reason not to televise the whole thing. Even the worst case scenario that could come out won't send fans fleeing, but trying to keep us out now -- after all we've been through with her -- just might.

Do you think it's in Kim Kardashian's best interest to let her divorce proceedings be filmed for TV?

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