Courtney Stodden Got Paid to Do This Freaky Mermaid Ad (VIDEO)

courtney stodden commercialI think a few of us never thought this day would come, but Courtney Stodden's got a job. The teen bride made "famous" for marrying that potato sack of a man, 51-year-old Doug Hutchinson, has leveraged her over-sexed image into a paying gig. Apparently, the 17-year-old took a break from tweeting stuff like "My appetite becomes anxiously aroused as I vivaciously cook a very sexy veggie supper while wearing Victoria's Secret --muah" long enough to work with on an ad campaign.

The result? Courtney's flapping around on a dock in a bikini. And she's wet. And she says "OMG, I'm so wet." Yup.


The guys who catch her are super stoked, too. If the fantasy ad didn't stop where it did, I think we'd see some pretty awkward teenage boys trying to figure out how to bang a mermaid. Where's the hole, dude? Where? Do you see it?

Thankfully, the director cut the spot short of anything too emotionally scaring. However, it is long enough to cringe for Courtney and all mothers of teenage daughters worldwide. Because, well, it's icky.

Sort of wish would stick to the ads that have singing bands that show up in your parents' basement and in pirate-themed restaurants because I don't think I can handle seeing this Courtney video ever again. Once was enough. I feel so gross.

Watch at your own risk:

So ... what do you think of Courtney's commercial?


Photo via tallwhitney/YouTube

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