Now You Can Afford to Dress Like Kate Middleton

How amazing would it be to raid Kate Middleton's closet? Well, I guess it would be a thrill for most of us until we went to try on one of her dresses -- only to find that the zipper wouldn't budge. She's a tiny little thing, that's for sure.

I don't think I've run into one person who isn't completely mesmerized by Kate's style, and it's not because of the fact that she's royalty or in the public eye or anything like that. Kate just knows how to put trendy and classy together into one perfect package that all of us totally drool over.

I got all excited when I found out that dressing like Kate is about to get a whole lot easier on our wallets. One of her favorite designers, Jenny Packham, is launching a budget-friendly line of dresses that will retail between $134 and $253. Too bad most of us have no practical reason to wear them.


Don't get me wrong, I'm all for buying any sort of frock that gives me even a remote shot of pulling off Kate's style. However, most moms don't typically get invited to formal, red carpet-type events. Where in the heck are we supposed to wear fancy gowns like the ones Packham designs? Outfits like that typically don't fly down at the local Chili's for a Friday night dinner with the fam.

What would be really awesome is if Issa, the designer who did Kate's blue engagement dress, would start selling princess-worthy duds for a good price here in the U.S. How gorgeous was that thing? (Not gonna lie, I totally tried to order one online after the engagement, but they were already sold out.) Can you even imagine if they'd been on the racks at stores at the mall? Someone probably would've gotten trampled to death trying to nab one.

Dresses like the ones Issa makes would be totally practical for work, or for a date-night with the hubby, or even for a Mother's Day tea at your child's school. Moms will splurge on nice clothes if we can justify places to wear them. Bring it, Issa.

What designers would you like to see come out with a budget-friendly line?


Image via WPA pool/Getty

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