'Glee' Recap: Ricky Martin Needs to Make His New Job Permanent (VIDEO)

Ricky Martin GleeSomebody in the Glee writers room was definitely living the crazy life when they came up with "The Spanish Teacher" episode. The premise? Mr. Schuester's been teaching the language for the past umpteen years without actually knowing a lick of Spanish. Really Glee? Only Ricky Martin could shake us out of our disbelief.

And boy did he ever. Shake that is: his bon bons, his booty, and just about everything else as David Martinez, former tooth model turned night school Spanish teacher who just so happens to be able to sing ... like a (sex) god.


I'm not actually sure there was anything Ricky couldn't do tonight. His Spanish-influenced "Sexy and I Know It" was so caliente even the constant talk about Sue Sylvester's vagina couldn't pull this episode into the deep freeze:

Oh, but I can't just throw that out there and not follow up, can I? Yes, Coach Sue wants to be a mommy. So she's been scrounging around Lima for some man juice to get mixed up with her "championship ova" which really IS in the deep freeze over at Kroger.

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Pause for vomiting.

And we're back! Even with Coach Roz Washington (NeNe Leakes!!) trying to move in on her job and telling her she needs to "What you need to do is wake up and smell the menopause," Sue is going for the mommy track. The Cheerios coach is getting hormone shots thanks to Becky, and she's trying to snag the last tenure slot on the McKinley High staff so that she can provide her for her "family."

It's the same slot Will thinks he can win by pretending Ricky is one of his many Latin friends and by dressing up in a bullfighter's uniform and singing Elvis in English and Spanish. Yes, it's as bad as it sounds.

Which is why, once again, Ricky to the rescue!

The only Spanish teacher Lima needs is ... you guessed it! In the twist that we all hoped was coming but still can't quite believe, our favorite member of Menudo has been offered a gig as the new foreign language teacher on the McKinley staff, and Mr. Schue's taking a job as a history teacher (Emma got tenure!).

So, what does this mean? Could we see more Ricky Martin in the future, maybe more duets with Naya Rivera -- because the two killed it on "La Isla Bonita"? He isn't in the promos for the Valentine's Day episode, and there's a long hiatus coming, but the anticipation of seeing Ricky again could keep us hot for Glee for as long as it takes! Let's keep the new Spanish teacher in the picture, Glee!

Was Ricky the star of the show tonight? What was your favorite number?


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