Chris Brown Should Be Banned From Performing at the Grammys

chris brownAnd now, an extremely disturbing update in music industry news: Chris Brown is reportedly set to perform at next week's Grammy Awards. Guess who else is performing? Rihanna! Isn't that sweet?! Chris and Rihanna will be just like peas and carrots again.

Um ... who are the ad wizards who came up with THAT one? Has everyone forgotten what happened the last time both Chris Brown and Rihanna were supposed to do the Grammys?

I'm pretty sure Rihanna remembers Brown beating her face in. Well, until the part where she blacked out, of course. Which tends to happen when somebody is beating your face in. And trying to choke you.

Good times! Now there's a stroll down memory lane nobody wants to take.


More to the point, there's a second chance Chris Brown doesn't deserve. The five-year probation sentence Brown got for his felony attack isn't even up yet. Convicted felons don't usually get to just show up at work like nothing ever happened. Especially when they're still on probation, come on!

As for Rihanna and all the horrifying gossip about the couple being back on again, well, I'm not even gonna go there. For now I'm just really, really hoping there's no truth to that story.

But the fact that Rihanna is also on the roster that night makes Brown's planned presence onstage even more ridiculously inappropriate. Not to mention disrespectful to Rihanna, and to every other woman involved or watching who's ever been a victim of domestic violence. What's the message here? Ah well, no visible scars ... bygones! Let's post on the red carpet together.

Are they kidding?

I can only pray that the audience at the Grammys will pull a Jay-Z at the VMAs and respond to Chris Brown with cold stares instead of applause.

Do you think Chris Brown should be allowed to perform at the Grammys?


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