Randy Travis Arrested in Scenario That Sounds Like a Bad Country Song

Randy TravisIt's a tune that's been crooned by far too many who turn to the bottle in time of crisis. Early Monday morning, country man Randy Travis was arrested and jailed for public intoxication in Sanger, Texas.

He was found not in some tough honky tonk or back roads bar, though, but rather in a church parking lot. Police saw him sitting there in a car with no lights on. When they approached him, they noticed he smelled of alcohol, that he was slurring his words, and he "made an awkward stumbling exit from the vehicle," according to TMZ.

The source for his bender was reportedly a fight with his girlfriend. Can you hear the twang starting now? I lost my woman; headed down to church  ...


According the report, he was trying to fill officers in on his girlfriend troubles but his words weren't working so well. "Mr. Travis' speech was slurred and I was beginning to have a hard time understanding what he was saying," the officer stated.

Officers told NBCDFW that he also was confused as to where he was. "Mr. Travis was unaware of his location and kept asking me to take him home," an officer stated.

They also found his surprising choice of alcohol in the car with him. It was no whiskey or bourbon for him, rather it was wine. Wine? Wine is fine, but it's just not what I picture a rugged country singer with a deep gritty voice to be drinking alone in a car. Some Johnny Walker would work better in a song.

And, let's talk about the mug shot. Oof. The years have not been kind to him. Also what does that look on his face say? It seems sinister and smiley all at the same time. Basically, it's just creepy and the final embarrassment on this whole ugly case.

As bad as it is, however, it could have been a much sadder song that he's singing. We should all be grateful that police found him when they did before he hurt himself or anyone else.

Of course everyone makes mistakes, and Travis has apologized. He issued a statement that said, "I'm committed to being responsible and accountable, and apologize for my actions." Let's hope he means it ... and that he'll let us know when we can expect his single.

Are you surprised to learn that Randy Travis was arrested for public intoxication?

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