Brad Calls Angelina a ‘Bad Girl’ in the Latest Nauseating Brangelina Brag-Fest

brad pitt angelina jolieBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the couple, are the most glorious thing ever to be birthed from Hollywood. Surely you must have heard. They're disgustingly rich, confusingly attractive, and still totally hot and heavy for each other. Be jealous. You should be. It's what they want.

Why else would they constantly talk about one another -- in that super annoying, super smug manner -- every time they give an interview?


In a recent interview with 60 Minutes, Brad Pitt said that despite her philanthropic ways and their 17 children, Angelina Jolie still is a "bad girl." While he devilishly grinned, he said, "Delightfully so. It's not for public consumption."

Dude. Enoooooouuuuugh.

We get it. The world gets it. You guys are in love and are awesome and have crazy, wild, kinky sex where Angie does all sorts of messed up crap with, like, tools and whatnot. We're all totally clear on this front. Everyone's on the same page. No need to spell it out. Again. In fact, the more it's verbalized -- and visualized (hello, red carpet PDAs!), the less inclined I am to believe it. It's almost getting to the point where it seems like they're trying to convince us. I swear, every time one of them gives an interview, there's some sort of semi-sexual, innuendo-esque comment that dances around their love life. Or that takes a jab at Jennifer Aniston.

As much as I love reading about celeb's private lives -- particularly their loves lives -- I've gotta say, I really respect the ones who remain mum when the subject is broached. It seems more legit, and less, well, obnoxious.

If you think about it, Brad's comment is just the classier, more eloquent version of Billy Bob Thorton's famous "We just f**ked in the car" remark. And we all know how that relationship ended. With a God-awful song.

Are you tired of hearing about how amazing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are?

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