Taylor Armstrong Needs to Live, Instead of Constantly Reliving Her Abusive Past

taylor armstrongSince the death of her husband, Russell, Taylor Armstrong has been extremely open about the gory details of their dysfunctional relationship -- I mean, extremely open. She's taken part in many interviews where she's told tales of horrible violence and terrible abuse, including one just this morning on the Today show. And of course, there's the book she has coming out: Hiding From Reality: My Story of Love, Loss, and Finding the Courage Within.

To not feel bad for Taylor isn't human. The poor woman was verbally and physically beaten and battered -- and under no circumstances is that ever okay. But sometimes I wonder if she should stop talking about Russell and the abuse for a little while. It seems like a mental break might do her good.


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Of course, stifling emotions and holding everything inside is never something one wants to do. That's the stuff tumors are made of. But talking about it constantly -- and immersing yourself in a book about it -- has got to take its toll also. I mean, Taylor's not giving herself a mental break from her abusive relationship with her late husband. Like ever. Since his suicide, it seems like it's all she's talked about. Of course, this is a huge deal, so it ought to be dealt with, but sometimes it seems like too much. It's like she's reliving it over and over again.

If this is what Taylor needs in order to heal, who am I to say anything? But as an outsider looking in, I think a mental reprieve would really benefit her.

Do you think Taylor should take a break from talking about Russell and their relationship?


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