Khloe Kardashian's New Bathroom Won't Gross Out Her Guests

Urinals in public restrooms are beyond disgusting. Not that I make a habit of venturing into men's rooms or anything like that, but they still have a major yuck factor even though I don't use them. I mean -- dudes pee in there. Gag me.

But apparently Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom don't agree with me. They're gearing up for their new reality show by remodeling their home in California, including a bathroom redo complete with a mouth-shaped urinal. Yes, I said mouth-shaped urinal. As in a big set of open lips for their male guests to have the pleasure of relieving themselves in.


You can't say they aren't original. But why on earth would anyone want one of those in the first place? Have you ever heard of anything more tacky? The only other place where this thing has been showcased is in a museum in Germany, and women over there were all bent out of shape about it and found it totally offensive. And honestly, who can blame them?

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Luckily, Khole and Lamar came to their senses and are now planning on having it removed. Sure, it would've been kind of comical to hear reactions to the mouthy urinal from their family and friends, but other than that, the whole thing was just plain weird.

Of course, their decision had nothing to do with the fact that their guests might have been totally repulsed when they went to the bathroom. Apparently it just didn't fit the decor vibe of the rest of the house. Huh. I wonder what exactly their style is. Restroom chic? I guess you can't really expect too much in the way of home design from people who like to live their lives in the spotlight and be the center of attention. If a urinal shaped like a mouth belongs anywhere, it's definitely on a reality TV show.

What is the tackiest thing you've ever seen in someone's home?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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