Madonna Rocked the Halftime Show -- Face It, Haters!

The Madonna halftime show at the Super Bowl last night certainly brought out the ugly in a lot of people. In fact, a lot of folks weren't even willing to give Madge a chance at all and were picking her apart at the seams before the game even started. Geez! Can't a gal who is considered to be a musical icon catch a little bit of a break?

Halftime shows at the Super Bowl haven't exactly been stellar in the past, so it's easy to see why people would assume that this year would be just as bad. But Madonna's performance just didn't deserve the multiple harsh criticisms that were dished out. People seriously gave her grief for the sake of being mean.


I'm 34 years old, and there is no way I could've pranced around on that stage in mile-high heels without twisting my ankle and looking like a complete and total joke. At almost 20 years older, Madonna not only danced around the stage in those heels, but she also managed to do a few cartwheels and land firmly on her feet. Anyone who gives her a hard time about that is just jealous that she's in shape enough to do them without falling flat on her butt. She pulled them off like the rock star she is. Period.

Yeah, yeah, so she did have one tiny little fall off the bleachers. Again, did you see the size of those heels -- not to mention the fact that she's dealing with a hamstring injury? Cut her some slack already for crying out loud! Since when is someone taking a spill and possibly getting hurt something to laugh about? (Ok, you're right. It's kind of funny sometimes.)

Perhaps the worst criticism Madonna received after the halftime show was for her choice of outfit for the performance. Um, hello? She looked awesome, and it was incredibly refreshing and almost a little bit surprising that she wasn't half naked. As a parent, I guess she realizes that the last thing that families watching the Super Bowl need to see is another nip-slip on live television.

Face it, people. Madonna rocked that halftime show. But don't worry, there will surely be somebody good to make fun of next year.

Do you think that negative comments about Madonna's performance were justified?


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