Audi 'Vampire Party' Super Bowl Ad Is Undead Fun for Everyone (VIDEO)

vampires in audi adEvery Super Bowl Sunday, we all divide up into two groups: Those who actually watch the game itself, and those who only care about the best Super Bowl commercials and the halftime show. As an unabashed member of the latter camp, I was kinda disappointed in this year's advertising offerings. Sure, Matthew Broderick's Ferris tribute was cute, the Star Wars dogs were adorable, and I have to say I can relate to the new M&M who made her premiere last night, Miss Brown (can you see the resemblance??), but meh. Overall, I was a little underwhelmed. That is, until this morning online when I caught a commercial I had missed: The vampire Audi ad that fans of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and True Blood will certainly get a kick out of ... and even the vampire-indifferent will enjoy.


Here it is if you missed it ...

Whoooops! Guess Mr. Sexy Edward Cullen/Eric Northman impersonator there forgot that his car's headlights were oh so powerful! Ha! My fave part has to be the funny nod to Twilight tree jumping, but the whole spot overall is super slick and definitely more ingenious than you would think at first watch ...

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You'd think that, what, five years now, into this vampire takeover of pop culture, we'd sort of be over it, right? Like an ad that was trying to capitalize on the vampire trend would have totally jumped the shark. But Audi pulled it off with the Twilight-y vibe that Twi-Hards will enjoy, but also a witty plotline that pokes fun at the phenomenon and even offers satisfaction to those whose patience with the undead has worn thin. "#SoLongVampires!" Haha, cute (although, okay, Audi, every tag line you use doesn't have to have a hashtag in front of it these days ... really!). 

In short, this ad worked for everyone -- regardless of how you feel about porcelain-skinned, fanged blood-sippin' hotties, but it also proved something else: Pop culture's clearly not over vampires at all yet ... and that's okay.

How did you like the Audi vampire party ad?


Image via AudiofAmerica/YouTube

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