Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime Show Made Me Fall in L.U.V. All Over Again (PHOTO)

Madonna Super Bowl Half Time ShowOh, Madonna. You made my night at the Super Bowl viewery called my living room worth every ... single ... blessed moment. You see, I'm trying NOT to be a complete sports neophyte since my kids show interest in such things, but secretly I was just waiting around for the Halftime Show and you, my old friend. And by old, I obviously mean we go way back -- remember that fall day in 1984 when I rushed home after school to catch your "Lucky Star" video on TV for the first time -- oh wait, I guess you wouldn't remember -- after all, it was me watching you, me getting my completely mind blown, and you gyrating in that belly shirt, becoming the queen of my entire girlness.

So tonight at the Super Bowl as you burst out VOGUE-ing on your well-manned Chariot du jour, it all came flooding back. That same familiar smile sneaked across my face, and once again -- and in that big ol' Super Bowl of testosterone infusion -- you made womanhood completely frickin' rad. Oh yes, you did.


That's right. Pulled hamstring be damned, Madonna shook up the Super Bowl stage with her usual well-tested method of amazingness. If you've never seen a Madonna show, I can attest, yes, they are all that bold, enormous, and in your face. She is nothing if not a performance perfectionist. No moment unchoreographed, never a missed detail.

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Madonna always begins with an over-the-top entrance like we saw with tonight's chariot and brings along a huge entourage of incredibly talented backup dancers. It's not the first time she's featured an edgy street performer taking on the latest impossible feat -- that tight rope walker, whoah! -- and she adores a powerhouse hi-tech visual display, too. And whenever possible, the Material Girl loves a good ode to the "talented kids" who came after her -- in this case the rad LMFAO ("Party Rock Anthem"), the brilliantly original Nicki Minaj and the more obscure but amazing M.I.A. (performing their new hit "Give Me All Your Luvin", and even Cee Lo Green in a choir gown (pure genius) co-performing the best Madonna song ever "Like a Prayer." Oh yes. Madonna on a stage, even at 50-whatever years old, is still a force to be reckoned with.

For all people who weren't sure she could pull it off, she acted her age (give or take a few gold pom poms and a cartwheel or two), put together an unforgettable show for old and new fans alike, and showcased amazing current talents. She even showcased her own "talents" without having to show off her incredibly muscular inner thighs (again). And let's face it, she even looked happy while she was doing it.

I don't know. Sue me, I'm a Madonna fan. For life. That's it. (Yeah, I know she's bitchy. That's not the point. Or maybe that's totally point.) She is still the Queen of my girlhood and she's not making the future of womanhood look real dull either. In fact, YES PLEASE!

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And frankly, in a world that's still capable of crushing the self esteems of gorgeous "older" women like Demi Moore and Heather Locklear when we hoped they'd be growing older and wiser by now, Madonna power like this is refreshing. Just like it always has been.

L.U.V. Madonna!

What did you think of the Super Bowl Halftime Show with Madonna?


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