'Breaking Dawn' Bloopers Reveal Birth Scene Shocker (VIDEO)

robert pattinson birth scene

I figured there were probably a few moments of all-out hilarity when Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner filmed the bloody Breaking Dawn birth scene. I mean, how could there not be? Everybody had to be a little punchy to begin with after all those long hours on set ... throw in some fake blood and you're gonna get serious giggles.

So it's not all that surprising to see the Twilight gang Breaking Down (ha!) in the bloopers footage on the upcoming Breaking Dawn DVD release. But what is kind of surprising is seeing which cast member was the biggest troublemaker of all ...


Bet you thought Robert Pattinson was the culprit, right? He's definitely got a mischievous streak (and we love him for it, too). But NO!

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It was Kristen Stewart who kept her castmates in stitches! Thoughtful, somber KStew wins the silly prize! Who knew she had it in her?

Granted, she had a unique advantage on Lautner and RPattz -- she was supposed to be playing dead, after all, and everybody knows it doesn't get much funnier than a joke-cracking corpse. Especially when you're acting all desperate and concerned while pretending to bite through its uterus.

Trust me, you'll have an all new respect for KStew after you watch this video -- and RPattz dissolving into laughter whilst covered in ersatz blood? Priceless.

Are you surprised to see Kristen Stewart being such a troublemaker?

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