'Ryan Gosling On Demand' Is the Best Valentine's Present Ever

ryan gosling locker roomOMGOMGOMG -- Y'all, they made us a Ryan Gosling channel! Time to do a happy dance all around the room. Whee! For the entire month of February, 8 of Gosling's movies will be available on demand via Time Warner. For you. For me. For between $1.99 and $4.99 per movie. For realz.

All you have to do is mosey on over to Movies on Demand, select BY GENRE, and then pick "Ryan Gosling." That will give you Le Ryan Menu. Pick you fave. And now, let us all talk about how SWEET this is.


Hey girl. Thanks for joining me here after the jump.

1. Just saying Ryan Gosling On Demand gives me an orgasm goosebumps. How many times in your life are you going to be able to say that? I demand Ryan Gosling! Right now! Right heyah! On the tee vee! Except I'd rather say right now on the table. But that's just me.

2. This is the best thing Time Warner has ever done, PERIOD. It almost makes up for their horrendous service. And it's kind of weird, in a way. It's like Time Warner is being the bad boyfriend who's a total jerk to you and then comes back with flowers and chocolates and says all the things you want to hear on Valentine's Day. Damn them!

3. This almost makes up for that People Magazine Sexiest Man snub -- and the Oscars snub. Almost! I mean, what were they thinking?!? But Time Warner knows. They really get us. They listen. When the news was announced, Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper were heard exclaiming in unison: WTF, what make HIM so special?!?

4. They included his newest movies! Drive, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and Ides of March. It's not some cheap, almost-cool channel with only movies from 5 years ago plus best-of-Gosling on the Disney Show. They're giving us the recent stuff. 

5. Ryan Gosling.

Okay, that said, where are Half Nelson and Blue Valentine? Come on, I know Blue Valentine was a downer, and Half Nelson was, too -- but he got an Oscar nom for that one! Anyway. Here's a little something to whet your appetite.

Will you be watching the Ryan Gosling channel this month?


Image via trailers/YouTube

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