Leslie Carter's Death Gets More Tragic as Details Are Revealed

Hearing the news about the death of Leslie Carter, sister to singers Aaron and Nick Carter, was extremely heartbreaking, but sadly it wasn't a huge shock. Isn't it kind of pathetic that our jaws don't drop anymore over the news of young celebrities passing away?

We won't know exactly how Leslie died until toxicology reports are released, but police seem to think that she may have overdosed on prescription drugs. And if her death at only 25 years old wasn't tragic enough, the fact that the drugs they believe she took were used to treat mental illness and depression just makes the whole situation so much sadder.


I guess it's just another reminder that even celebs aren't immune to problems that regular people experience. Money and fame don't make you any less of a human being. Actually, they kind of make things even more complicated.

Supposedly police found medications near her body, which is making them assume that an overdose was Leslie's cause of death. Of course, just because she had those prescriptions in her room doesn't necessarily mean that she died as a result of purposely taking too many of them. There's no way of knowing what really happened without a full report, but people will probably go ahead and assume that she died after popping too many pills. That seems to be kind of the standard conclusion most people jump to when a celeb dies unexpectedly.

Perhaps one of the worst parts of this whole story is that Leslie was found by her stepmother, Ginger Carter, and her father was the one who wound up calling 911 and performing CPR on her before the paramedics arrived. Can you even imagine just how horrible that must have been for him?

And don't even get me started on Leslie's 10-month-old baby who will never get the chance to know her mommy. That's enough to make any parent's eyes tear up a bit.

Were you surprised after hearing that Leslie Carter died?


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty

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