Kim Kardashian & Sofia Vergara Don't Need Skin-Tight Clothes to Look Sexy

kim kardashianI have big news, you guys. You know what I just found out? Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara are both really sexy. I know, it's crazy! The only reason I was made aware of this info is because the two celebs were recently photographed, respectively, wearing skin-tight -- like, painted-on tight -- outfits. Kim donned a light gray, metallic-y-looking mini-dress; and Sofia stepped out wearing black leather pants and a black tank top. Phew, it's a good thing I caught these shots, otherwise I would have just gone on thinking they were two frumpy, haggard old trolls with nary an admirer in sight.

I kid. Obvi. You'd have to be blind and deaf (Sofia's accent) to not know that these women are hot. And I don't just mean, wow-that's-a-really-lovely-woman hot; I mean, holy-Lord-that-woman-is-smokin' hot.

So, why are they both always in ultra-tight, super-short, low-cut clothes? It's, like, we get it, ladies; you're sexy.


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As corny and cliche and belabored as this may sound, I am a big believer in the less-is-more theory. At least sometimes. Men may beg to differ, but we don't always need to see these women -- and super-curvy, sexy ladies in general -- in catsuit-like clothing. How about a little mystique once in a while? Why not throw on a pair of tight jeans and a loose-fitting t-shirt occasionally? I promise you, no one will forget you're sexy.

Dressing down once in a while would also make the dressing up (dressing tight) a little more, I dunno, special. I think people would look forward to seeing women like this in sexy get-ups if every so often they were seen in clothes that were a little more subdued. It would be more exciting, as opposed to insanely predictable.

Whaddya say, ladies? Are you willing to give this a whirl? Are you willing to take part in a make-under, if you will? Wear something loose and flowy for a change? Maybe throw your hair in a pony? You're not? Okay. That's cool. I guess whatever you've got going on is working for you.

Would you like to see either of these ladies in a more casual look once in a while?


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