Nicki Minaj's Super Bowl 'Demands' Show She's No Diva

nicki minajNicki Minaj is going to perform during the Super Bowl halftime show and her demands for the type of food stuffs she wants in her dressing room during the event was released today. Every star is entitled to put whatever they want on their rider, but I think someone forgot to tell Nicki that. She played it safe. Check it. Among her demands were fruit juice, gum, and water. Who knew that the "Super Base" singer was so super basic?

She doesn't exactly come across as down to earth when you look at her. I mean, this is the woman who wore a variable Toys R Us to the VMAs -- nothing about her says "low key." But I guess you can't judge a star by her glam because it would seem that, deep down inside, Nicki's just a regular gal with regular old taste in food. Here's what she wants:

  • 12 bottles of Martinelli apple juice (half iced, half room temp)
  • 24 bottles of Dasani water (half iced, half room temp)
  • Simply Lemonade, Snapple, Red Bull
  • Assorted fruit juices
  • 12 piece bucket of spicy fried chicken (no thighs)
  • Three packs of gum
  • Salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, Wishbone Light Italian dressing
  • Green olives
  • Fruit platter
  • Cheese platter
  • A deli tray
  • Bumble Bee tuna in water, and wheat or low fat cracker

Where's the fresh sushi flown in from Japan demand? Or the Johnny Walker Blue? Or unwrapped Cadbury Creme Eggs, each cracked open just a bit so some goo runs out? Or the choir of dwarfs? Nicki's rider is just so ... normal.

Kudos to her, though. I guess she doesn't need anything fancy to get her in the performing spirit. I thought that her crazy style would've meant she'd have crazy requests, but obviously I was wrong. May all that water, chicken, salad, and gum fuel her enough for one awesome halftime show.

What do you think of Nicki's requests?



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