'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Special Feature Is a Romantic Treat for Twi-Hards (VIDEO)

kristen stewart rob pattinson kissing on set of breaking dawnI've always been a total nerd about on-screen couples who have actually gotten together off-screen. Like Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson, Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, even Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. Sure, okay, most of them are all broken up now -- boo!! But hey, falling in love with your co-star isn't always a disaster. Just look at Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart -- they're still going strong. And their "real-to-reel" romance seems to continue to do them a HUGE favor at the box office.

Now there's even a behind the scenes look at how they do it. A clip from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD Special Wedding Feature has hit the web, and it's filled with adorable little moments between the couple sure to make any Twi-Hard's heart flutter.


Check it out ... (The cutest parts between the couple are around 1:59 and 4 minutes.)

Okay, a.) I want whatever set designer did Bella and Edward's wedding to do mine someday, and b.) what a lovely couple, huh??

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Sure, we catch glimpses of Rob and Kristen all the time via paparazzi, but this was different. They were in their element, doing a scene they've envisioned, like they said, for so long now, and they were just so relaxed and comfortable, so you really get to see how the couple interacts when the cameras aren't rolling.

And YES, that totally makes it even better when the director yells, "And, action!" Obviously, their natural chemistry adds a lot to their performances. Call me a hopeless romantic goof, but I totally love how this DVD feature lets us glimpse behind the curtain to see that the couple's real sparks actually flew as they play Bella and Edward. What a cute treat! I was already sold on their Twilight romance being true, but this has me rooting for them even more.

How about you -- do you love seeing RPattz and KStew being mushy behind-the-scenes?

Image via thebadl1/YouTube

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