Demi Moore Can’t Heal With Ashton Kutcher in Her Life

ashton kutcher demi mooreIt's cool, you guys. Ashton Kutcher isn't just a sleazy, cheating husband who parties with supermodels in Brazil while his soon-to-be ex-wife lies unconscious on the floor and her friends make a panicked 911 call on her behalf. He's, like, "deeply concerned" for her.

The Two and a Half Men actor was seen pulling up to Demi Moore's home on Wednesday (reportedly looking "deeply concerned"), shortly after a plain, old "concerned-looking" Bruce Willis arrived. Both of her exes apparently really want the star to go to rehab. That's nice of them. And perhaps she should go. But, where does Ashton get off telling Demi to do anything? Don't you lose that right when you cheat like a dirty, dirty dog in Vegas?


Look, I get it. The Kutch happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when Demi passed out -- clearly, he didn't mean to be yucking it up in Brazil that fateful night (although it does show where he's at, emotionally, amidst this whole mess). But don't go waltzing back into the United States, acting like you're super concerned for your ex's welfare. Even if he is super-concerned for Demi (which, dude, hopefully, he's somewhat concerned), send her a text, give her a call. Don't go over to her place, asking her to go to rehab. In a weird, roundabout way, it's sort of condescending, because he's the one who caused this tailspin. Bruce, I get -- he has kids with the woman -- but Ashton should zip it.

The best thing for Demi right now is to have as little Ashton in her life as possible. I can't imagine that he conjures up anything good when he's around. If he suddenly wants what's best for the woman he did so dirty, he should just give her some space. But maybe not partying-with-supermodels-in-Brazil kind of space.

Do you think Ashton has a right to tell Demi to go to rehab?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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