Kim Kardashian & Lea Michele Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About Showing Some Leg (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian wears blue slitted maxi skirtIs it just me, or are slits absolutely everywhere lately? I don't think I've EVER bought something with a slit myself, but suddenly slitted maxi skirts and long dresses are popping up in all of my favorite stores, and I'm diggin' it. It looks like I'm not alone, either. Celebs are loving them too. Check out Kim Kardashian (right) wearing a beautiful high-waisted blue slitted maxi skirt out in Miami yesterday. Man, what I'd do to be in the Florida sun right now!

Back to the skirt, though. It's absolutely perfect. Kim wore this gem the right way. That's the kicker here. Yes, slits can be fun. However, when it comes to showing a little leg, there are handful of DOs and a whole slew of DON'Ts.

What do I mean by don'ts? Well, here. Let me start with a little example from Glee star Lea Michele:


Exhibit A: Lea Michele wearing Versace at Sunday night's Screen Actors Guild Awards:

Lea Michele at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Helloooooooo leg! The fact that this slit is sky high kills me, too, because A) I absolutely adore Lea Michele, and B) this gown is a Versace and I don't know if anyone should speak badly about Versace, ever. Nevertheless, this slit is WAY too high. I wouldn't be surprised if when Lea was walking around, photographers got a few X-rated shots! It definitely takes away from the overall look for me.

Thus I present you with three crucial some slit DOs:

- Make sure the slit is tasteful: Too much of a slit could show too much of the wrong thing. A smaller slit, like the one Kim's sportin' up top, is classy and gives an otherwise plain item some sex appeal.

- Don't make the rest of the outfit too busy: Lea actually did this well. Since she knew she was showing a whole lotta leg, the 25-year-old actress kept her hair and jewelry simple.

- Make sure you've got cute shoes on: If you're flaunting some extra skin, it's natural for the eye to catch what's going on with your feet. I adore Kim's tan wedges and Lea's pointed silver shoes.

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Are you a fan you of slits? Do you own anything that has one?


Image via Pacific Coast News, Splash News

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