Aaron Carter's Sister Leslie Dies at Just 25 & Leaves Behind a Baby Girl

It's always tragic to hear of a young star's premature demise, but there's something particularly heartbreaking about the death of Leslie Carter, sister of singer/off-Broadway performer Aaron Carter and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. She was only 25, for one thing, and according to a report by TMZ, she'd recently moved from Canada to upstate New York to be closer to family—in an attempt to beat her addiction to prescription medication.

Worst of all, she leaves behind a baby girl. Carter's daughter Alyssa Jane is only 10 months old.


A publicist first confirmed Leslie's sudden death on Tuesday, with her family issuing a statement that they were all grieving and hoping for privacy. There's no official word yet on how she died, as the autopsy was inconclusive, and it will likely be a few weeks before toxicology reports are in.

Rumors have already started swirling, of course, and those ever-present "sources" claim that Carter may have succumbed to an overdose. TMZ reports that Carter had recently moved in with family in order to deal with her addiction, and was living in a house that had been cleared of  'any prescription medication, including Xanax.' Family members reportedly believed Leslie would be okay to stay alone in the home for roughly an hour on Tuesday while they ran errands, but when they returned, Leslie was unconscious and could not be revived when officials arrived to the scene.

At least there's one somewhat silver lining in this tragic story: according to TMZ, Leslie's 10-month-old daughter, Alyssa Jane, was not at home with Carter at the time of her death.

I can't
even imagine what her family's going through right now, although Aaron Carter's sad collection of Twitter hashtags gives some insight:

If it's true that Leslie was fighting addiction, it's a situation that's unfortunately all too familiar to this family. Aaron himself has had a public struggle with addiction, and successfully completed a month of rehab at Betty Ford a year ago. Her brother Nick Carter also dealt with a 10-year battle with drugs and alcohol before getting sober in 2008.

Leslie seemed like she was trying to join her siblings in a music career, signing a deal with Dreamworks Records in 1999 and having her single "Like Wow" appear on the film Shrek. Unfortunately, her life was cut way too short for her to achieve her dreams ... and saddest of all, her little girl will grow up without her mother. I feel for her loved ones, and hope everyone can get some peace soon.

Here's a video report of Leslie Carter's death:

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