Miley Cyrus’ New Car Shows Just How Rich She Really Is

Miley CyrusHey y'all! (I'm sorry, but any post about Miley Cyrus must start like that. It's a law.) Miley's decided to go ahead and get herself a little gift. The 19-year-old star was out in Encino, California looking at whips (that means car, Mom) and purchased, up front, one sick ride. The former Disney star turned weed-cake and penis-cake loving teen drove off the lot in a brand new white 2012 SL550 convertible. Fancy!

The kicker is how much it costs. It's so expensive that it's hard to wrap my brain around. But hey, it's good to be Miley, and it's certainly good to be rich. Her new set of wheels set her back ...


One hundred and twenty-seven thousand dollars. Yup, Miley wrote a check or handed over a briefcase full of cash for $127,000 and drove away in one of the hottest cars on the planet.

And you know what? Good for her. She's got an estimated net worth of $120 million so, yeah, she can do whatever she damn well pleases. She works hard, I guess, so she can play hard, too. As long as she doesn't drink and drive, and as long as she buckles up, more power to the young lady.

And it's not like she's Lindsay Lohan who would wreck the car in under two weeks' time. Even though Miley's been called out for her partying habits recently, I say as long as she doesn't smoke her pot -- excuse me, salvia -- then get behind the wheel, I've got no problem with her new purchase. Hope she has fun and stays safe.

Do you think it's ridiculous that Miley bought a car worth $127,000?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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