Will Kate Middleton Pick Up Her New Dog's Poop?

kate middletonJust when you thought Prince William and Kate Middleton couldn't get any more adorable or awesome or rich or good-looking, they go and get a dog. And not just any dog, a cocker freakin' spaniel. The Duke and Duchess were spotted earlier on this month, looking like a J.Crew ad, walking on a beach with a tiny little black pup at their feet. No official word was released as to whether or not the canine was in fact theirs, but now it's been confirmed: You guys, William and Kate really did get a dog.

Other than the fact that the pup "appears to be" about 10 weeks old, details on the Canine of Cambridge have remained scant. Which, of course, allows us to speculate and wonder: Who will actually be taking care -- no, really taking care -- of this little guy? Will Catherine pick up dog caca?


I know, I know, William and Kate are all down-to-earth and normal and whatnot, but deep down, they are royalty. And I don't think royalty picks up doggie poo-poo. Or even really walks the doggie. They have people for that. Haven't you ever seen Downton Abbey?

I've gotta say, as a dog-owner, this irks me in the slightest of bits. Now, don't get it twisted, I love me some Wills and Kate (Google my name and theirs), but I do think if you're going to own a dog, you ought to do some of the dirty work -- the walking, the bathing, the administering meds -- not just the fun stuff -- the playing, the cuddling, the kissing on the mouth.

It makes the dog seem more like, well, yours that way. And it's more rewarding doing all that stuff as an owner. I'd feel sort of weird, sort of like I didn't deserve my amazing shih tzu, if I didn't get down and dirty with him once in a while. I think his kisses and cuddles would seem more perfunctory if I never took him for a nice, long walk, or gave him his ear drops.

Of course, this is all just speculation. My speculation. Perhaps Wills and Kate will be walking their dog and picking up his poo every single day. And if they do, here's the only piece of advice I have for them: Always bring two bags when you go on a walk. You probably won't need them, but the one time you don't bring an extra, trust me, you'll wish you had.

Do you think William and/or Kate will pick up their dog's poop? Do you ever kiss your dog on the mouth?



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