Newt Gingrich Picks Brad Pitt to Play Him on the Big Screen -- Well, Obviously!

Newt Gingrich and Brad PittPresidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has a good head on his shoulders. This morning, he was asked a not-so-typical question during an interview on the Rich Stevens Radio Show: Who he would want to play him on film. His answer? Brad Pitt.

"He's thinner, he's better looking, he's younger," the politician said. "You asked me if I had anyone who could play me in a movie ... why not go for Brad Pitt???"

You know what? I like Newt's bold enthusiasm! What man WOULDN'T choose a hunk like Brad to play him on film? I say why stop at Brad Pitt, Newt? There are so many other fantastic Hollywood actors that could step up to the challenge to play you on the big screen. Like George Clooney, swoon!


George Clooney: Both Clooney and Newt are handsome silver foxes. Can you say perfect?

Martin Sheen: Remember West Wing? Martin did a bomb job playing President "Jed" Bartlet on the hit NBC show. He'd be a Newt natural!

Ryan Gosling: Sorry I'm not sorry, I had to. Gosling might not look anything like Newt (not that that's a bad thing), but hey, I'm sure he has all the political basics down after filming The Ides of March.

Rainn Wilson: There's NO denying that The Office's Dwight Schrute is a spitting image of a younger Newt. Literally, it's uncanny. In honor of their similarities, the actor swapped out his Twitter profile picture for one of Newt from the 1970s!

Liams Hemsworth: Aside from the whole dating Miley Cyrus thing, I'd say Liams is one of my favorite (AKA one of the hottest) upcoming actors. He may be a bit busy with his upcoming role as Gale in The Hunger Games, but he totally has the same strong jawline as Newt once did back in the day. A potential match made in Hollywood heaven!

Josh Hartnett: It's been a while, right? Hartnett and Newt both have rich brown eyes. Maybe this could be just the career boost Joshy needs to get back into the swing of things!

Are you surprised Newt's a Brad Pitt fan? Who would you peg to play your favorite presidential candidate on film?


Image via AmericanSolutions, Maggyjumps/Flickr

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