Reese Witherspoon Loves Robert Pattinson for His Heart, Not His Hair

reese witherspoon and robert pattinsonThere are two things I respect in Hollywood: John Travolta's toupee and Reese Witherspoon. They're both so classy. So when Reese speaks, I listen. (I'm still waiting for John's toupee to start talking -- you know that thing has a mind of its own.) Anyway, the This Means War star sat down with MTV and dished about her Water for Elephants co-star, Robert Pattinson, and what she had to say was kind of amazing.

Not only does she respect RPatz out the wazoo, but she says he's the "hardest-working person I've ever worked with." And that's just the tip of the iceberg. She continues:


[He's] professional, hard-working, so appreciative, more grateful than I've ever seen anyone for where he is in life. I've never experienced what he has -- going to premieres and there's just millions of people waiting for him to touch them. I think it must be strange, but I don't even know how to process what he deals with and Kristen deals with. I don't know.

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Sounds like RPatz is one humble, down to earth dude. It's impressive that he's been able to stay so grounded in light of his immense fame. To hear Reese say these things about Robert is also powerful because she's worked with so many people in Hollywood. From Joaquin Phoenix to Mark Ruffalo to Jennifer Aniston to Sissy Spacek to Robert Duvall, Reese has starred in over 40 titles in her career, and to say that RPatz is the "hardest-working" actor she's worked with is really saying something.

We all loved Robert, but now we have a reason to camp out in his front yard and really take the adolescent admiration to the next level. I think he's more worthy now than ever before of our crazy stalking habits, and if this Reese interview means anything, it sounds like he'll be kind of gracious when he sees us sleeping in RPatz branded tents just steps from his home.

Are you surprised to learn that Reese thinks so highly of Robert?


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